La mi Venta For Ham, Ham, REAL HAM,
Ángel González arrived to Madrid in 1954 when he was 12 years old, from a little town located in Sanabria (Zamora). He was the fifth of seven brothers and sisters and came to Madrid with his elder brother Miguel, aiming for a better future developing businesses in restaurants.

Miguel opened several restaurants: Cañeiro Restaurant (12 Los Artistas street and 4 Fernán González street), Veta Restaurant (3 Los Vascos street), Marvi Café (Tribulete street) and La Mi Venta Restaurant (7 Plaza Marina Española street).

On the 5th of May 1962, LA MI VENTA Restaurant was opened. The beginnings were hard… Miguel transferred the business to Ángel González who after finishing military service took over the business with his sisters help.

The customers fell in love with his happiness, the finely sliced ham (pioneer in Madrid) and the traditional Castilian food.
In 1969, he started to sell mushrooms, lots of mushrooms...! The reason was that he was completely in love with Crescencia Díaz-Tendero, the beautiful daughter of a fruit and vegetable seller of the "Maravillas Market", and the only way to stay near her was buying mushrooms (again and again....).

They finally married in 1970 and started together the new stage of LA MI VENTA. The key of their success was to work hard.

Their children were born in 1971, 1973, 1975 y 1986. All of them helped out in the restaurant since they were young, being an essential support.

During these more than 50 years all of our customers say that they have had a good time in LA MI VENTA, a place which has been visited by all kinds of people, specially artists and bullfighters who lived in front of the Royal Palace. A place where all the people are treated gently, helpfully and friendly.

The 15th of January 2011, after 49 years, their sons took over the Restaurant. After redecorating it, the 20th of April 2011 they reopened its doors with the purpose that customers could still feel like if they were at home.