La Mi Venta Classics

Acorn- Fed 100% Iberian Ham23,90 €
"Una de Veneno" (Poison)13,50 €
Assortment of Sheep’s Cheeses, including: Raw milk Cheese, Truffled Cheese and Rosemary Cheese13,00 €
Cecina de León (Cured Beef) IGP Reserva with Potatoes and "Padrón" Peppers14,20 €
Acorn-Fed Iberian Loin13,90 €
"Migas Manchegas" (Sautéed Bread Crumbs)9,50 €
Chorizo "From Hell"9,50 €
Special Anchovies from The Cantabrian Sea (00) *6 Fillets* with spiced tomato, olive oil and Pipettes17,30 €
Homemade Iberian Ham Croquettes on candied peppers sauce (6 units)9,50 €
Tradicional "Pisto Manchego" (Vegetable Stew)9,50 €
1/2 Spanish Omelette 9,50 €
"Callos a la Madrileña" with crispy ham14,80 €
Sliced Squid battered and fried with Lime and coriander Mayonnaise13,90 €
"Padrón" Peppers9,50 €
Marinated Tomatoes with Garlic and Virgin Olive Oil Picual variety9,50 €
Cristal" Bread (thin, crispy crust Bread) with grated Tomato and Picual Olive Oil5,60 €
Bread per person1,00 €

Special “Tapas”

Tapas La Mi Venta", Iberian Combination Plate. Contains: Ham, Loin, "Chorizo", Cheese, "Salchichón", "Cecina" (Cured Beef)19,30 €
Tapas La Mi Venta, Our Tradicional Tapas. Contains: Migas Manchegas (Sautéed Bread Crumbs), "Callos", Vegetable stew, Spanish Omelette and Chorizo "From Hell"17,60 €
Tapas La Mi Venta, Assortment of "Pinchos". Contains: Canapé of Hake, White tuna fillet, Iberian "Presa" and Foie Appetizer17,60 €


Canapé of Hake Tempura with Caramelised Onions4,60 €
White Tuna Fillet4,60 €
Iberian "Presa" with Grilled "Idiazabal" Cheese over Onion4,60 €
Appetizer of calamerised Foie and Apple Compote4,60 €


Green salad with Natural Apple Compote and Gratinated Goat Cheese10,80 €
Traditional Green Salad 10,80 €
Warm Salad with King Prawn Ceviche, Scallops, Avocado and toasted corn12,90 €

Hot and Cold Starters

Foie Micuit with Wine Reduction, flouvered strawberry and cinamon, Apple Compote, Tomato Jam and Calamerised Onions17,00 €
Salmorejo" with Minced Ham, hard-boiled egg and Picual olive oil9,50 €
Fried Eggs with Iberian Ham and potatoes14,50 €
Grilled Vegetables with Romescu Sauce and Garlic Oil13,90 €


Sea food Paella (Cooked Rice with Squid, Prawn, shelled clam and mussel)32,80 €


Grilled Hake fillet with Tender Sautéed Vegetables and Garlic-Oil19,90 €
Cod Loin in Tempura with Truffled parmentier and Salicornia19,90 €
Grilled Squid on caramelized Onions and black garlic Alioli15,90 €
White Sea Bass with Reduction of broth’s ham, Tomato compote in Sherry Reduction with Pipettes and basil 19,90 €


T-Bone Steak Grilled with Natural Charcoal (about 1 Kg)46,30 €
Beef Entrecote Grilled with Natural Charcoal20,90 €
Baby Lamb Chops Grilled with Natural Charcoal20,90 €
1/4 of Goatling Tarditional Roasted Style46,30 €
Acorn Fed 100% Iberian "Secreto" Cut or"Presa" Cut Grilled with Natural Charcoal.20,90 €
Beef Truffled Hamburger, Onion Bread and French fries14,90 €
All our grilled and roasted meats are served with our delicious fried potatoes and Padrón peppers


Toffee "Torrija" with vainilla Ice Cream6,10 €
Chocolate Mousse with Ground Almonds and Pistachio Ice Cream6,10 €
Gin & Tonic Sorbet with Wild Macerated Strawberries6,10 €
Apple Strudel with vanilla custard6,10 €
Fresh Passion Fruit Soup with Mango, a touch of basil and Yoghurt Ice Cream6,10 €
Tempered White Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream 6,10 €
Ask About our wide variety of Coffees and Teas. We have at your disposal the menu with information about allergens


Vinos de la Casa
Rioja VALLOBERA Crianza 100% Tempranillo 14 meses17,90 €
Ribera FUENTENARRO Roble 100% Tempranillo 4 meses17,90 €
Rioja - Red wines
ERRE PUNTO de Remírez de Ganuza 90% Tempranillo, 5% Garnacha y 5% Viura y Malvasía Maceración Carbónica23,50 €
MUGA Crianza 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 10%(Graciano y Mazuelo) 24 meses201425,80 €
SIERRA CANTABRIA Cuvee 100% Tempranillo 12 meses201424,10 €
HERENCIA REMONDO La Montesa Crianza Garnacha Tinta Principal, Tempranillo, Mazuela 12 meses201422,80 €
CUNE Reserva 100% Tempranillo 12 meses201324,70 €
CONTINO Reserva 85% Tempranillo 10% Graciano, 5% (Garnacha y Mazuelo) 24 meses201231,80 €
ORBEN Tempranillo y Graciano 12 Meses en Barrica de roble Frances de grano fino2014 27,50 €
MONTE REAL de la Familia Crianza 100% Tempranillo 18 Meses en Barricas americanas201518,80 €
MUGA Selección Especial 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 10%(Mazuelo y Graciano) 28 meses201234,30 €
MUGA Prado Enea Gran Reserva 80% Tempranillo, 20% (Garnacha, Mazuelo y Graciano) 36 meses en barrica + 36 en botella (mínimo)200948,90 €
Ribera del Duero - Red wines
Ribera del Duero MATARROMERA Crianza 100% Tempranillo 12 meses201425,90 €
Ribera del Duero PROTOS Crianza 100% Tempranillo 14 meses201324,70 €
Ribera del Duero DEHESA DE LOS CANONIGOS Crianza 88% Tinto Fino y 12% Cabernet Sauvignon 15 meses barrica de roble americano201428,30 €
Ribera del Duero HITO de Cepa21 100% Tinto fino 8 meses Roble Francés201623,40 €
Ribera del Duero TOMAS POSTIGO 88% Tempranillo,4% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon y 1% Malbec 12 meses barrica francesa201633,50 €
Ribera del Duero PRUNO 90% Tinto Fino, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 12 meses en barrica Roble Francés201523,10 €
Ribera del Duero HACIENDA MONASTERIO 80% Tinta Fino y 20% (Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon) 18 meses201447,90 €
Ribera del Duero PROTOS Reserva 100% Tempranillo 18 meses201130,20 €
Ribera del Duero ALION 100% Tempranillo 18 meses201363,90 €
Ribera del Duero VALBUENA 5º Año 100% Tempranillo 24 meses2011125,20 €
Ribera del Duero VEGA SICILIA Unico 95% Tempranillo y 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6 años2005/08255 €
Vino de la Tierra ABADIA RETUERTA Selección Especial 75% Tempranillo, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% Syrah 16-22 meses201429,80 €
Other - Red wines
El Terrazo MESTIZAJE (Eco-Bio) 72% Bobal, 17% Garnacha, 11% Syrah 10 meses21,00 €
Bierzo PETALOS 95% Mencia, 3% uva Blanca y 3% Bauschet 4 meses201524,20 €
Madrid LA MALICIOSA Garnacha 12 meses en Roble Francés201322,90 €
Alicante EL SEQUÉ de Artadi Monastrell 12 meses en Roble Francés201529,10 €
Priorato CAMINS del PRIORAT 35% Garnacha, 25% Cariñena y 15% Cabernet Sauvignon,15% Syrah y 10% Merlot 4-6 meses en Roble Francés201626,20 €
Méntrida MALPASO 100% Syrah 12 meses en Roble Francés201522,20 €
VT Extremadura HABLA DEL SILENCIO 50% Syrah, 20% Tempranillo y 30% Cabernet Sauvignon 6 meses barrica francesa201621,40 €
Jumilla CASA DE LA ERMITA Crianza Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon y Tempranillo 9 meses201320,80 €
Campo de Borja BORSAO BEROLA Crianza Garnacha y un toque de Syrah 14 meses barrica francesa 201421,50 €
Navarra Garnacha By ARTAZU de Artadi 100% Garnacha Tinta201521,50 €
Montsant BRUNUS Crianza 56% Cariñena y 44% Garnacha 12 meses201521,90 €
Toro VETUS Crianza 100% Tinta de toro 12 meses en barrica nueva201322,60 €
White wines
Rías Baixas BURGANS de Martín Códax 100% Albariño17,40 €
Rías Baixas MARTÍN CÓDAX 100% Albariño18,90 €
Rueda MELIOR de Matarromera 100% Verdejo17,40 €
Rueda PROTOS 100% Verdejo17,90 €
Ribeiro CASAL DE ARMÁN 90% TReixadura, 5% Godello, 5% Albariño22,80 €
Alicante ENRIQUE MENDOZA 100% Chardonnay Ferm. Barrica 10 meses22,90 €
Rueda MARQUÉS DE RISCAL 100% Sauvignon Blanc21,60 €
Fino Tio Pepe 100% Palomino18,30 €
Rose wines
Rioja LARROSA de IZADI 100% Garnacha18,20 €
Ribera HITO de Cepa 21 100% Tinto Fino18,20 €
Cavas & Champagne
Champagne VEUVE CLICQUOT 55% Pinot Noir, 25% Chandonnay46,80 €
Cava RAIMAT 60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir21,60 €